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Get to know me meme - [2/10] favorite female characters: Blair Waldorf

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WHy yes, I aM a big fan of the kpowp. I have litsenede to  ALL of the Classics like B69ST, Powerpuff girls generatION; Dong Bang Shinji Ikari„ Big bang THEoRY. kids these days with theyre EXO PLANETARIUM and Bang the TANgent, they do not appreciate quality Kpop Music.

reblog if you still love GOOd GROups like Super WIll smith Junior and Chad Future/

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favorite finn nelson outfits

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I’ve never been good at projected plans. I sort of take life as it comes, and have faith in my happiness.

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make me choose » sciles or scisaac (asked by dontstop2911)

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Watched season 1 a lil while ago, pretty fun


Watched season 1 a lil while ago, pretty fun

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magnusbane asked: oh no and i am totally distracting you go on studying don't read my weird fics

i am so close to finishing then i will read all the fics

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Marijuana stops child’s severe seizures

more people need to know about this.


This is incredible. Give the anti-weed propaganda a rest. Let’s stop condemning s plant that literally saves lives.

I saw this a few days ago.I find it crazy intresting. 

CBO cures, man. This is the 4th case I have seen where it helps prevent and almost stop seizures entirely in children who have been put on pill cocktails all their lives.

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An excoriating poem lambasting the policies and the “Dark Ages” curriculum of Education Secretary Michael Gove has become an internet sensation among teachers. 

Dear Mr Gove, by Jess Green, has been viewed tens of thousands of times on YouTube since it was posted on Monday and is being emailed among professionals disenchanted with the Coalition’s reforms. (x)

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